Friday, May 25, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 64

Former mp3-only imprint Shadybrain have put out promos of their forthcoming second 12"-release shortly, which is about to feature Axiom & Optiv as main artists. A-side sees the pair of two teaming up for "Unforeseen" , a dark, techy, bassline grinding Drum'n'Bass-tune serving that specific kind of un-pleasure the primetime posse needs. Axiom's solo work "Alter Ego" starts out with a short, kinda spooky vox-intro and progresses into a bit of oldskool'ish TechFunk later, paying respect to the heyday of "Wormhole" without sounding dated. This is a proper update of what technoid Drum'n'Bass is - or at least should be - about in 2007, so just check this one out.

Giles Smith and Martin Dawson teamed up lately for their project Two Armadillos which sees release of its first 12" "Tunnel Of Light E.P." as 069 of Dessous Recordings soon. Three tracks to be found here, dancing on the border of the deeper shades of House and minimalistic Techno, pleasing lovers of both genres and adding a warmer, more organic touch to the music. Especially the title track "Tunnel Of Light" sort of reminds me of the legendary CD-compilation "Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva present X-Mix-3 - Enter: Digital Reality!", which set new standards in upfront minimalistic dance music - or: Intelligent Techno if u like that term - in 1994.

Looking for some (P-)Funk-influenced Indie/Electro and vice versa partybangers with a whole lot of humour? Then check out Knarf Rellöm Trinity's latest output on Ritchie Records named "Move Your Ass & Your Mind Will Follow" featuring at least four tunes - plus two interludes - that are about to rock any NeuRave-/Nerd-/Weirdo-dancefloor gathering with their bulky beats, cumbrous funk and anarchic do-it-yourself attitude. Not recommended for those who like to pigeonhole every- and anything , but those preferring to get wasted instead and have nice time should ask their local dealer to stock this E.P.


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