Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday night episodes

Two lil' weirdo episodes which happened last monday night, when I was doing my regular "Urban!zm" show at Hamburg's Meaniebar focusing on the Grime- / Dubstep-/ Sublow-side of life...

The night was still young and the doors just opened when a more Rock-type of guy entered the bar, planning to attend a concert at the Molotow located right underneath Meaniebar which was scheduled for tuesday instead of monday. Anyway, the geezer decided to stay, sipped on his beer and was going like

"What kind of music do you play right now?"
"Well, errm, Sublow"
"Sub... what?"
"Well u know, I'm an old geezer into like Rock music, so I don't know nothing about electronics. But I like Drum'n'Bass & Jungle. 'eard that on the radio a few ago and I did like the kind of energy served by that sound. There was a DJ on going by the name of baze.djunkiii...."
"Well, actually this happens to be me..."

That guy was as impressed as I was surprised, stayed in for the whole night until we closed and behaved really polite, talkin', takin' photos and all that although he was really drunk later on. Cool thing though, guess he's coming back someday. And well, it is kinda special if someone you never seen before and that's coming in by chance tells that you've been the one introducing him to that specific kind of music.

Shortly after we closed me and my bartender Steve, a long time nightlife compagnon from the mid-90's heyday of Techno and Rave, did the usual run for a bit of crap food at the local Burger King at the infamous Reeperbahn / St. Pauli area when another geezer, apparently a native english speaker, went like

"Hey, you got a Neurosis sticker on your record box"
"Well, we're on the same label.."
"We've just been playing at Markthalle. We're..." ,showing his backstage pass with the band's name on it, "... Dying Fetus. Do you know the name?"
"Sure I've lately been writing a review on your new album..."

He was like a bit of bemazed and so were I, not by the fact that we met anyway as music business & industry are like that but by the way how that happened and where. I mean, it's been fuckin' Burger King on a monday night at like 2 a.m. Not a place where musicians of that different genres come together for a gathering... do they?


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