Thursday, August 09, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 69

A mysterious one-sided whitelabel, limited to 157 hand-numbered copies, holding the matrix code LUSC 09 is on the circuit these days, accompanied by evidently hand-made artwork, revealing the mirror-inverted text pieces "So Wrong", "Speaker Junk" and "RMX". Soundwise there's banging "nu French Touch" ElectroHouse to be found here alongside some filtered, weirdo vocal snippets that'll work well on any so-called NuRave dancefloor. And yes, according to the label code it seems to be the next output on Azzido Da Bass' Luscious Sounds-imprint but as there ain't no additional info provided we can't prove that...

Booty Luv's newest strike has been promotionally released under the name of "Shine" via Sound Of Urban / Hedkandi these days, serving new fodder for those jocks spinning in front of a more commercial audience, longing for some happy vibes spread by extremely glitzy Filter- /DiscoHouse. Four mixes to be found on this disc provided by Hoxton Whores, Moto Blanco and Ian Carey which do nothing wrong and stay with the glitz that's to be shining on the dancefloor. Proper.

House-remixes of Prayce's "Feel Good" have been put out by Zeitgeist / Universal recently featuring four new reworks by the likes of Mario Da Ragnio, DJ Goldfinger and others. All version clearly target at a big room crowd ready for some glitzy ElectroHouse action with a mainstream touch. OK, but far from being essential at all.


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