Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 19

Aphex Recordings have recently put out Nika D's - of Virus Syndicate-fame - new tune "Felt The Need", which is an excellent blueprint of what all that Rhythm'n'Grime-business is all about. Featuring MRK1 on production duties plus features of DJ Absurd of Resofantom and Poet Shado this one combines wobbly minimalist Grime beats, sharp spitting and a more Urban-flavored chorus that brings in a specific R'n'B-flavor matching with underground dancefloors as well as for daytime airplay. Top notch tune, that is yet to be named as future classic that'll stick in every grimeists box for centuries.

American producer Starkey comes up with a new one-sided 12" on Lo Dubs under the name of "Dementia" which is told to be limited to a whole of only 400 copies worldwide and to be a sought after plate soon. Representing the stateside view n this genre with an ultraslow mover, that takes care of a style marriage of Mutant HipHop and darkest HalfStep Grime "Dementia" is about to literally kill dancefloors with nerve grinding bleeps and techy bass sounds that seem to be influenced by pre Neurofunk Drum'n'Bass. Will be flying off the shelves of any store quickly...

Another to make it into the crates of Dubstep- as well as grime-DJ's is Halo Beats 004, Landslide vs. Slaughter Mob's excellent "Splurt"-tune that is backed by a even darker Skream-remix on the flip with a massive cold'ish scifi-bassline ready to devastate dancefloor. As The Bug's "Jah War" this one will be on heavy rotation and do a proper primetime job although it ain't that heavy and agressive as the before mentioned. Watch out.


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