Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 21

German producer Wadadda is responsible for 001 of the freshly established imprint Police In Helicopter, which is coming up with a wicked 7" these days. Dark, wobbly and echo-focused the whole thing is built around a wicked and kinda aggressive vocal snippet about to "Mash Up De Baldhead" as the tunes name suggests but the whole dancefloor and club as well. One to watch out for. 018 of Dump Valve is a teaser 12" holding three unnamed tracks from Wonder's forthcoming album "Welcome To Wonderland", which is about to devastate floors due to its massive A-side, an Urban- / Grime-focused collaboration between Wonder and Sway about to leave the ghetto and hit the mainstream as it seductively uses a pitched part of Madonna's alltime favorite "Like A Prayer" as female hook alongside cool beats and kinda ravey backing. On the flip there's a proper Kano-feature to be found plus another instrumental but it's clearly the A-side that wins any competition here.

Fresh label Studio Rockers have put their first 12" out recently produced by ANS, which is a quite Dub heavy one and clearly influenced by the aesthetics of more experimental, mid 90s Dub coming from the UK, a time in which artists like Kitachi came up with a new trademark sound. Fusing this with the roots-related Dubstep of today you get three heavy bangers which will be loved and caned by the likes of Rusko and by classic sound systems as well.

Bad Influence are coming up with a fresh four track release on their self-titled label these days which is higly recommended to all those who like to ride on a Roots Dub-flavored vibe when it comes to Dubstep of all kind. spiced with jumpin' offbeat melodies and all that. Especially "Chat Bout" as A1 title sticks out with its Steppers / DubHouse references and straight 4/4-beats but in the end of the day all tunes are great so this one is a sureshot to buy blindfolded.


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