Sunday, September 30, 2007

baze.djunkiii - Drum'n'Bass Mix taken from Intrauterin Tapes 002 [2001]

It's been a few years now since Intrauterin Recordings started its sister label Intrauterin Tapes which successfully aimed to introduce a so far quite underrepresented aspect of UK Drum'n'Bass-culture to the german, especially Hamburg-based scene: officially released Drum'n'Bass-, UK Garage- and DarkJungle-mixtapes. Pioneering this, a whole of eight volumes in the Intrauterin Tapes-series have been released before the label was defunct, partly due to the fact that easily recordable CDR's became ravers choice as a medium of the new era instead of sticking to cassettes as the classic recording medium that it has been for ages.
Long time sold out, baze.djunkiii's mix featured on Intrauterin Tapes 002 is yet a classic when it comes to Drum'n'Bass of the pre-Neurofunk era and is available for download now for all those who missed that one for any reason.

A few backstock issues of the Intrauterin Tapes-series can be purchased @


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