Friday, November 02, 2007

Longplay love 55.0

Imani Coppola is about to release her eighth studio album named "The Black & White" via Ipecac Recordings on November 5th, which is a fourteen tracks journey through diverse facets of proper - meaning: not necessarily focused on commercial success - Pop music including HipHop / DigiSoul-related tunes, straightforward Rock- & Punk-influences, stadium anthems and deeper ballads as well plus more experimental influences that might have appealed to her while taking part in Mike Patton's all star project Peeping Tom and will puzzle her followers a bit. But still - no-one says that Pop always has to stay safe in the middle of the road so if you're up for a little adventurous journey keep your eyes focused on this one.

Scheduled for November 26th is Martinez' second full-length album named "A Chemical Imbalance" , due to be released via the relatively fresh Re:Connected-imprint, which serves a proper menu to all lovers of deep MinimalTechno and mainly focuses on this sound apart from the last quarter when Martinez adds a few melodic stabs and driving hihats to his tunes, which - due to this - get a more clubby and functional feel. Conceptwise all tracks are melted into a non-stop mix by their producer as he refers to the format of the DJ mix as his personal favorite when it comes to listening to electronic dance music, an opinion that makes sense as Martinez' sound is to be found in a club environment rather than as a track by track homelistening environment anyway so this might be the best decision to transfer the meaning of his music into a CD album like this. So if you're into a certain kind of Minimal Techno, don't miss to ask yr dealer for this one.

Our favorite DeepHouse-imprint Dessous Recordings is about to release a new double CD format compilation these days under the name of "Dessous' Best Kept Secrets" which reveals a slightly new direction in the labels' politics which will be - accompanied by a brand new design as well - readjusted to a deeper route in the future after a few, more techier releases that have been out throughout the last season. CD 1, compiled by head honcho Steve Bug himself, showcases the highlights taken of the recent back catalogue and includes - apart from three new & exclusive tracks that'll be, alongside a few more exclusives featured on CD 2, released seperately on two 12" discs - tracks as great as the totally underestimated "Mysterious Conversations" by DJ FEX, Phonique's "Bang" or "Casualities" reworked by Morgan Geist which are about to enlighten the mood of all DeepHouse-connaisseurs that don't stick to vinyl anymore and due to that missed the opportunity to get these musical pearls up to the day of release. CD 2 is mixed and compiled by one of Dessous Recordings' elder statesman known under the alias of Vincenzo which digs deep in the crates and puts hidden classics on the tabel such as bgb's "A Crack In The Glass" as well as provides new material himself after a longer time out. Highly recommended to all lovers of the deeper kind of electronic musicas "Dessous' Best Kept Secrets" is not only your avergae compilation but a timeless statement of what the meaning of DeepHouse is, was and will be in the future.


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