Friday, October 12, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 76

Dessous Recordings is about to reach its 075 soon which will be Goldfish & Der Dulz' "13 Klänge", a deep but still kinda techy four tracker that seems to lead the label back on the path it took right from the start but left alone for a while then, which is: representing all aspects of what is called contemporary DeepHouse sound of today. These four tunes, which remain unnamed on my white label promo, are referring to the good old days of Chicago when it comes to their bassline figures but are filled with a stunning micro-funkiness that is more up to date then today and will stay in DJ's bags for ages due to their perfect timelessness. Future classics? Yes, indeed.

German Drum'n'Bass-label Pressure Chamber comes up with its 002 these days featuring DJ G-I-S' "Savage" on the A plus Coresplittaz' "Scaremonger VIP" on the flipside, two tracks that seem to be highly appreciated by those being into what might called Snare'n'Bass these days but are disappointing to those who loved the dark ravey approach of the labels first release. Showcasing how many higly compressed percussive elements one artist is able to store per micro-second is not a solution for the lack of innovation in todays Drum'n'Bass culture and being dark just for the reason of being dark isn't as well. If that's what Drum'n'Bass is about in 2007, i'm out of it.

"Lovesongs (They Kill Me)" is the new 12" of Cinema Bizarre, which has been put on promo circuit via Universal Music recently, featuring reworks by Northern Lite, IAMX and Kyau & Albert of which Kyau & Albert clearly win with their fusion of Stadium Rock vocals and Bigroom Trance-flavor.


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