Thursday, January 24, 2008

Longplay love 57.0

Hamburg's finest Audiolith-label starts 2008 with the release of Juri Gagarin's new album "Energia" that is defo about to send all ElectroTrash-dancefloors on fire as no-one can't hide from their rockin', bleepy, ultra-positive attitude that reaches electronic headz, nerds and Indie kids alike. Perfectly fitting for like leftfield clubs as the Hamburg-based Golden Pudel is, so if u hang out there or in similar places this is a must have!

Lounge Records sister label Muto is about to release a limited to 500 pieces worldwide album of their main act Torpedoboyz soon, that'll fly off the stores shelves in double-12" format as their sound is well appreciated by followers of Funky Breaks, BigBeat and NuSkoolBreaks the same due to their dancefloor impact and their kind humourous attitude. Their biggest hits "Gimme A Bassline!" and "Are You Talking To Me???" are featured here as well so customers gonna have a chance to recap on them if they missed the 12" releases.

Poker Flat Recordings are about to unleash their new label compilation on march 3rd under the name of "Dead Man's Hand - Poker Flat Volume 6", a double CD that looks both in the past and future of the label's catalogue. CD1, once again carefully selected by Steve Bug, features essential tracks recently released throughout the last months as there are Matthias Heilbronn's "Do It Right", Maik Loewen's "Bright Night" and others alongside exclusive material delivered by Dan Berkson & James What and Jeff Samuel whilst CD2 is picked & mixed by Berlins DJ Cle - known as solo artist as well as for being 50% of the Märtini Brös.-duo. He elegantly blends 14 tracks together and focuses on Poker Flats deeper, more hypnotic side when he chooses tracks like Raudive's "Needles" remixed by Mr. Bug as intro and keeps the mix running with new and exclusive tracks like Ryo Murakami's "Nightmare" and Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher's collaboratve "Organic". With "Dead Man's Hand - Poker Flat Volume 6" Poker Flat Recordings again proves its importance as one of the main players in Minimal Techno & House and delivers a high class CD package for all followers that don't keep up with vinyl no more. Talking vinyl - all exclusive tracks will be available as 2x12" pack soon... Get that.


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