Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parts in the post, pt. 82

The fresh label C90 Rules OK! comes up with its first release these days, a split E.P. featuring a whole of five tracks by mostly more or less unknown projects as Triggerz, (BAD) Bad Tom, Charambaboys, Redline and flaaps. Dedicated to experimental Acid and AcidGrunge to pick up a term used by Dr. Walker of Air Liquide-fame once this one is meant to mash up late night dancefloors due to its hypnotic attitude and will surely puzzle all ketamine-kids out there as it simply negotiates the existence of one strictly defined four dimensional space-time-continuum by dark, bubbly and ever-changing modulations. This is a mind trip!

Super 6 Records starts the new year with a bunch of new releases - 026 is Sascha Müller's four track E.P. "Das 3. Plink vor dem 2. Plonk". While "Let's Speak Together" and "IOU" have loads of fun using a specific 80s childs trainer for correct spelling - remember Dopplereffekt's "Voice Activated" ? - on top of straight Techno beats, "Paula" as well as "Klopfen & Schlagen" rely on pure functionality without playing voice tricks. A good one though, although one does not find anything specifically new or extraordinary added to the Techno universe.

Super 6 Records 027 is Jerzz' "Hambaken E.P.", another four tracker focusing on straight banging 4-2-the-floor. All tracks are made for prime time use and will be well appreciated by punters used to the harder kind of Techno as there are a lot of harsh, slighty distorted sounds to be found here, sometimes not too far away from Hardcore aesthetics. Hypnotic and well physical these will send you off to the stars whenever they drop, so if you're well tired of minimalism and so-called sophistication ou're likely to love this release.

Quite a huge release on Super 6 Records is the labels' 028, Anne Anderson's "Sender *The Ultimate Remixes" featuring a bunch of eleven - yes!!! - remixes of the title track, provided by DJ Pablishhhh!, Sascha Müller, Nightnoise and a lot more from the Super 6-stable. Somehow this reminds me of some early 90s remix megalomania brought to customers by artists as The Shamen and the likes of, but as all remixes do good in a range from more minimalistic TechHouse via a bit of melodic ElectroHouse to straightaway Techno this is no bad thing at all. Only one question remains: where is the original track?


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