Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Byetone – Plastic Star [Raster Noton 081]

One of the most surprising releases these days is Byetone’s „Plastic Star“, recently put on the circuit as 081 by the more experimental flavored Raster Noton-imprint. But instead of another records that relies on pure experimentation, Byetone’s not bothered and puts out a dancefloor destroying tune that’s funky as hell. Imagine a mixture of Pan Sonic’s sound aesthetics, Electro-flavored phunk by the likes of Phonok or the great Marco Passarani – yes, we still love „I House You“ – and the wide epic melancholy of what is named as (Neo)Trance these days... the result of this amalgamation of sounds is amazing and about to set dancefloors on fire within seconds. Three great remixes are provided by Sleeparchive, Alva Noto who deliver another abstract phunk bomb and Dr. Walker which all hit the spot right and I hope I’m not proved wrong when I reckon this one’s gonna be one of the top selling Raster Noton-releases ever. Future classic.


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