Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love [Promo]

Kenna – who the f*ck is Kenna? Ethiopia-born, Chad Hugo-produced, supporting Mark Ronson in the UK and Zoot Woman in Germany, his second album „Make Sure They See My Face“ to hit the stores on April 11th whilst his new single „Say Goodbye To Love“ is scheduled for March 28th and now out on promo. There’s a load of influences to be found – his voice is not far away from The Cure, the funk might appeal to those who love Prince / Symbol and a tiny bit of PostPunk-ish thing might to be found here, too. But the best mix by far is the ElectroHouse-rework on B1 that’ll hit the spot right away in more commercial venues although it is only an average piece of art.


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