Thursday, February 21, 2008

The World Domination – F**kmachine [Luscious Sounds 010 Promo]

If any tune these days can claim to sneak around the corner with a big ballsy attitude it’s The World Domination’s „F**kmachine“, the newest offshoot on Azzido Da BassLuscious Sounds-label. Remixed by Malente and Adam Sky this is a highly effective piece of ElectroHouse close to but luckily not crossing over towards New Rave that proclaims loud and with a proper bit of machisme: „I’m Not A Man I’m A Fuckmachine“. Fuck feminism and pc-faggots – this is the shit that works on the floor and even more when Adam Sky’s names his first remix the „Adam Sky Fat Kunt Mix“ and serves huge Rock-flavored Breaks and a sweet seductive melody that’ll work the BigBeat- and Breaks-crowd right. Excellent piece, so if u don’t get it start listening to Twee Pop again.


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