Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back In Da Day E.P. [Beyond Da Booth 001]

Lewi White and Smasher recently teamed up for their excelleent "Back In Da Day E.P." which has been put out lately as 001 of the brand new Beyond Da Booth-imprint and has to be announced as the hottest Grime-release that hit the stores this week. Part I featured on the A-side comes up with the dark, heavy & minimal beats that'll also touch the hearts of the Dubstep-posse, especially as instrumental, whilst the lyrics deal with history and tell a story to all those too young to know times when TDK's were standard. On the flip the lyrical deal is quite the same topicwise but uses all sorts of UK Garage-snippets, samples and vocals cutting into the dark beats to complete the whole story. Proper idea and one to hype up dancefloor craze going on. Will be loved by all those who've been around when UKG blew up and followed that with heart & soul. Paying respect is what this one does and it's done nicely.


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