Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sileni – Black Rocket / Hi-Lar – Back On Trip *LXC RMX [Offshore 020 Promo]

Offshore Recordings is back on track with a great piece of non-standard Drum’n’Bass that is about to set advanced floors on fire immediately. Sileni’s „Black Rocket“ comes with a twisted, late 90’s feel including warped basslines and all that stuff we well loved back in the days. Beats are trickier though and a lot of strange, fuzzy sounds are about to puzzle yr worn out braincells here – so don’t expect that this one is copycatting the old skool. Delivering a reminiscence to what once has been inna 2008 way is the tracks mission and it’s completed flawless. LXC’s turn on Hi-Lar’s „Back On Trip“ is a quite funky affair with a bit of stop-motion attitude, adding a few knots to the dancers legs for sure. Known for being a lover of beat science his funk moves back and forth, introducing some formerly unknown moves to dancefloor enthusiasts and homelisteners the same. Once again a sureshot and recommended to all those bored of everyday’s Clown-/Nokiastep and Neuro-whatever.


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