Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rene Breitbarth - Le Rythme Korg E.P. [Dessous Recordings 079 Promo]

Fresh Dessous Recordings is their 079, which is Rene Breitbarth's "Le Rythme Korg E.P.". This one is a bit of a surprise as it - in it's original version - attempts to fuse deep vibes with oldschool'ish, uplifting synth chords we all loved back in the '93 to '95 days. This sounds nice for like a minute or two but on top of slightly nervous beats it seems as if the whole thing is running and running for ages but in the end of the day leads to nothing - no climax, no progression, so what's the point here? Westpark Unit's remix featured on A2 does better here, adding a pumping bassline and sharp, forward moving hihats and sweet piano improvisations for a jazzy touch. On the flip there's "Le Groove Rhodes" to be found which sticks with an analogue oldskool vibes as well and works best in small, red-walled underground venues. All in all this one will find some fans for sure but for sure is one of the weaker Dessous Recordings releases.


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