Sunday, April 20, 2008

hiGhFi_dElitY - Brotherhood [Holophon]

Sometimes I tend to not to review a release just because it has a shit name and "Brotherhood" straight out of the studio of hiGhFi_dElitY, due for release via Holophon on may 9th, is one of these. Guys, it's two thousand fucking eight right now and there's no use in using oh so underground'ish hacker typo in your name no more because it won't get you any street cred no more, especially when your not making lofi 8bit Bleepfunk or whatever but proper Downtempo / Lounge / younameit. Yes, the music is quality ChillOut stuff and perfect for any kind of Buddha Bar'esque venue or balearic terrace during daytime or early evenings - not any revolutionary newness involved but relaxed, familiar grooves that sound nice, are well crafted and defo about to be licensed to a few Lounge compilations as well. So here we go - change your groups name, try a re-release and someone will care about your music.


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