Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Banks - Under The Influence [Etage Noir]

Due to be released on may 30th via Etage Noir is the debut album of the Austria-based artist Just Banks. "Under The Influence" - as the album is named - comes as a package of fifteen tracks that basicly can be filed under the flag of Advanced HipHop, covering a musical range from relaxed, classic HipHop-vibes, jazzy Grooves plus a whole lot of what well fits into the field of so-called West London / Phusion / Broken Beat music. It's a pity that there's only a few clubs these days dedicated to this style as this is pure dancefloor music that'll work well with a grown up crowd, if suited in a cool DJ set mixed with some Downtempo and Vintage. But as this album is only released in CD format it'll mainly reach a homelistening crowd and not the wide range of club jocks and vinyl fanatics out there. But anyway, this is a good one and defo checkworthy.


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