Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blaktroniks - Mechanized Soul [Rubaiyat / Phazzadelic]

Scheduled for may 23rd is the new and fifth album of Oakland's Blaktroniks, hitting the stores entitled "Mechanized Soul". Slow, sluggish beats meet what might be named as Advanced HipHop here plus a lot of oldskool'ish, crooning Soul / Gospel / Blues references brought in by Edward Robinson, 60 year old father of Blaktroniks-founder Edd Dee Pee - now a man of god and religion, back in the days a singer himself. The whole album seems to be best played out in some small red'ish underground venue some miles away from any kind of mainstream nightlife, in one of these special places only known and attended by musical connaisseurs and some cool street cats that hang out each and every night. Guess u all know what we're talking here... . For sure they won't hit major sales charts with this one, but "Mechanized Soul" is to be regarded as future classic anyway and will sound fresh in ten years time, no matter what happens in between.


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