Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sido - Mach Die Augen Auf *Swing Remix / Halt Dein Maul *Flash Gordon Remix [Sido 001]

German rapper Sido, quite regularly referred to as one of the bad boys in german HipHop culture due to his mostly quite explicit lyrics that push boundaries further comes up with a surprising 7" release these days. "Mach Die Augen Auf *Swing Remix" features a childs choir, could be taken off a series like Sesame's Street and directly approaches parents that like to avoid their own breed to become so-called street and problem kids. A good move though as drunk and drugged underagers are regularly discussed in Germany's yellow press - especially as Sido functions as a role model for loads of underprivileged teens and might reach a few with his message. "Halt Dein Maul *Flash Gordon Remix" is a bit more drastic when it comes to lyrics that Sido spits on top of an uptempo Drum'n'Bass-related beat and might be good fun to play this one out in front of a bouncing D'n'B-massive


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