Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elaste Vol. 2: Space Disco mixed by Tom Wieland

Compost Records recently unleashed the second issue of their stunning "Elaste" compilation series, focusing on the early roots of (partly) electronic dance music - the sound that finally took off with Giorgio Moroder's "I Feel Love" and became known as Euro Boogie, Disco or Cosmic, depending on which influences weigh in more than others. For this compilation Tom Wieland of 7 Samurai-fame is diggin' the crates deeply for a flawless but still rough DJ mix that features repetitive proto-technoid tunes as Curt Cress' "Sundance" alongside cheesy anthem's like Two man Sound's "Que Tal America" - maybe the best known track in this mix apart from Rufus & Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" in Frankie Knuckles "Hallucinogenik Version" of 1991 - plus two of his own tracks produced under his Panoptikum-moniker that pay respect to that long gone era and well fit into the mix for sure. If you decide to purchase this one it'll defo be a good choice, not only for music history reasons but for a bunch of good old music that makes you happy, no matter if you're at home alone, in the car or having a sweet lil' in-house party at yr place.


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