Thursday, June 12, 2008

N.E.R.D. – Everyone Nose / Spaz [Interscope]

Taken off their forthcoming album „Seeing Sounds“ is N-E-R-D’s new double A-side 12“ „Everyone Nose / Spaz“ which is a massive surprise as the beats of „Everyone Nose“ sound like a proper re-interpretation of Drum’n’Bass / Choppage mixed up with more experimental DJ Shadow tunes of his „Entroducing“-period and the beatalistic excellence of classics like Black Jazz Chronicles’ „Snooky’s Spirit“ – not an easy one but defo one to tear up any advanced Phusion-floor. „Spaz“ on the flip is of the same kind, but more Drum’n’Bass-flavored and will be loved by all JDB-headz that have been around in the heydays of the movement.


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