Thursday, July 17, 2008

Caracho - In Hamburg Sagt Man Ja Ja [One Eyed Charlie]

Hamburg-based band / project Caracho mash up dancefloors with their debut E.P. "In Hamburg Sagt Man Ja Ja" these days, which has been finally released on the One Eyed Charlie-imprint after several successful live apperances in front of impressed crowds, straight flattened by Caracho's witty amalgamation of anarchic ElectroRock, some BigBeat / ChemicalBeat-influences rooted in band member Omo Bewarders history as part of the Fat Back Soundsystem and - sic! - lyrics sung / shouted in german language. Best and most energetic track on this is "Schwarze Katze *Feuer Remix" that regularly transfers audiences into moshpits. Check.


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