Friday, July 18, 2008

Dexterity Of Dub [DI 002]

It seems to be ages ago since I came across the last high quality Dubstep-release as the last weeks or even months provided nothing but wobbling bassline boredom but this white label, containing tunes of Hindzy D, Andy Havok and DJ Tubby is all good again. Slow, deep and chilled half tempo beats and athmosphere meet nice, analog sounding basslines going so deep that they’re hard to experience via normal home stereo systems remind of early Scuba releases or even South3rn’s first output on Lo Dubs. Although one can’t make out who is responsible for which track due to the lack of information it’s clear that all contributing producers inhaled the main Dubstep vibe from day one and are way willing to stand firm when it comes to the movements roots on side A, while the flipside seems to be on a more techy, and Grime-influenced tip when it comes to sawtoothy basslines and trickier beat science. But no matter what, there ain’t no compromise in sight to provide dancefloor pleasure for all those bandwagon jumpers these days, this is stripped down to the bone Dubstep / Grime – from the hardcore underground for the hardcore underground.


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