Sunday, August 17, 2008

Steve Bug presents Bugnology 3 [Poker Flat Recordings]

Steve Bug returns to the compilation circuit with his third "Bugnology" mix album on his very own Poker Flat Recordings-imprint and this time he dives deeper into sound than ever. Instead of jackin' minimalism there's a whole lot of partly dubby House grooves and Detroit Techno influences on the agenda this time of which Mr. Brügesch creates a very special, moody vibe that'll very fit in late night underground warehouse clubs. Although there's no obvious uber-hit featured within the 21, partly re-rubbed and re-edited, tracks of this mix, all advanced and experienced electronic music lovers will catch up on the vibe quickly and start their own living room dance whilst listening to "Bugnology 3", while all those creepy GHB-induced "3 Tage Wach"-ravers are about to skip through and move to the next boring so-called Minimal Techno compilation or mix, coze this one is way too complex for narrow minded druggies. Defo make sure to check out track 20 carefullly - the oldskool'ish but still rockin' "Inside Out" by Kink & Neville Watson.


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