Saturday, September 06, 2008

Line 47 / Bop / Throttler / Mendelayev [Alphacut Records 008 Testpress]

Yes, Alphacut Records are back with their 008 which has been released on september 1st and is hot still. Willing to rock the house there are four tracks by the likes of of Line 47, Bop, Throttler and Mendelayev covering a musical range from epic DarkJungle via more abstract beat wizzardry referring to the sparse minimalistic phunk of the likes of Photek or Source Direct in their early days to dark, threatening, bassline driven Drum'n'Bass rollers of the abstract kind so every DarkJungle / Experimental Drum'n'Bass-afficionado will at least find one track he or she loves. Quality again and all those who didn't know about Alphacut before are recommended to check out their back catalogue as well.


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