Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sonic Boom Foundation [Velocity Sounds Records]

To be released on October 31st is The Sonic Boom Foundation's self-titled album on Velocity Sounds Records and they've learned their lessons well from stadium-rave acts like Underworld, Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers as well as several Indie- / NuRave-acts who're literally setting stages on fire these days. Pure high octane energy fuels all of those twelve tracks featured on this album that seems to be a direct adrenaline injection and causes massive headbanging instantly from the first note blasting out of the speakers. But anyway - transferring live performance energy into a 50+ minutes album is not an easy thing to do so listening to "The Sonic Boom Foundation" in one go unveals that their song structure is a bit formulaic and - as the tracklist goes on - a bit exhausting at all. A few slower tracks here and there would've done good just to ease things up as your living room is not the festival stage this sound is made for for sure.


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