Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shackleton - Soundboy's Suicide Note [Skull Disco 010]

Finally it's time for the amazing Skull Disco-imprint to unveal its tenth release and add another step to the evolutionary ladder of the genre now known as MythStep which takes the consumer even deeper into Shackleton's specific universe of sound, formed of deepest basslines, ritual and ancient drum settings plus - this is new - the use of quite mystical lyrics, not only as sampled snippets as on former releases but as essential part of a track like the great "The Rope Tightens" that might be named as the main track on this 12" not only due to its length but also as it quite seemlessly blends into the following "But The Branch Is Weak". Another obvious thing to be pointed out is that the dancefloor approach seems to be further away than ever - same as in his latest output on Mordant Music - at least when it comes to the mentioned tracks on side A, whilst "In The Void" and "Short Wave" on the flip are the tunes dancers on advanced floors can groove to under bass hypnosis. Once again Shackleton delivers essential pieces of art and so this is another must have for all lovers of high quality electronic music.


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