Saturday, March 21, 2009

Steve Bug - Two Of A Kind [Poker Flat Recordings 103 Promo]

After reaching the three digit level it seems like the resolution at the Poker Flat Recordings-headquarters is to set standards even higher with every new release from now on. This time it is the labels mastermind Stevee Bug with his new E.P. "Two Of Kind" that serves excellent dancefloor fodder and brings deepness back to the Poker Flat-sound. Produced alongside Cle the a-side track "Month Of Sip" is a nice and smooth late night groover with a stunning, echoic chord as main theme paying respect to all those great House tunes known to let the ladies seek for some physical pleasure - on the floor and when the club night is over. On the flip we see Mr.Bug on a solo tip with his tune "Trees Can't Dance" which is a vibrant definition of cool as well the DJ's weapon of choice when it comes to getting crowds hype and proving the tunes title wrong. Even trees will dance to this.


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