Friday, April 17, 2009

Neo Cartoon Lover - Input Output [Modern Noise / Dead Frog Records]

Well, hate is a strong word that is rarely used when I review an album but if there's one hateworthy album out this year then it's gonna be Neo Cartoon Lover's "Input Output" , scheduled for june 12th via Dead Frog Records which should drop dead for releasing this one. For some reason the swedish band manages to include all elements in one album that I'd hoped to never come across in dance music again: cheesy House filters, cheap Trance melodies, U2-wannabe stadium vocals, fake Ragga-chants and some fake BigBeat-structures as well all melted into a sleazy piece of mainstream radio glitz that is about penetrate innocent ears for months. Do not buy, do not support - this is the worst thing I've heard in ages.

And now, after listening to "Input Output" twice I'm gonna switch to some proper Hardcore Drum'n'Bass to get my brain in order again.


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