Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Calorifer Is Very Hot - rewind.

Just one day back from our Plutonium Pogo-tour the circuit got me back on monday night as it was time to set up a show for the italian band The Calorifer Is Very Hot @ Meaniebar / Hamburg, friends of Honeyheads who've been joining my night @ Meaniebar twice and played to a packed place so I felt like owing them a favour and book their italin buddies, too, which were stopping by due to the release of their newest 7". Having played in Hamburg two times within 4 days already I was a little doubtful about how many ppl would show up as mondays are tricky and - gotta admit - I felt a little wasted still from being on the road. Anyway, I arrived at 20oo and expected Micha of Molotow to be there already to check out the bands mixdown. He wasn't but what I found was a massive backline sitting in front of Meaniebar next to Nico of Honeyheads and a locked door. Hmpf. As I found out l8r Micha mixed dates up and thought the band are to play on tuesday but we managed to set everything up, the band using their backline only for instruments and a small six channel mixer for vocals through the bars P.A. . In the meantime another surprise came up as The Calorifer Is Very Hot had met an american band the day before and wanted them to play as well. Had to deny that as I never heard them or of them before and wasn't willing to book someone that short-termed on trust and it seemed like a few ppl were worried but this is how goes it. Not long until the place was pretty packed and them italian guys played a proper show, had good fun and sold a bit of merchandising stuff as well. Shortly after the concert had finished the police were showing up as one of the neighbours had been complaining about noise, maybe the drum set, but living in St.Pauli area and complaints are a bit weirdo imho. I guess the coppers thought the same and went off peacefully.

Now, writing this, I sit in the chill basement of Otaku Records waiting for a friend to drop by for a coffee and feeling tired still. But there's only a few hours til I'll be on the decks again...


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