Friday, July 31, 2009

Splitting From Rudel Records

It's been in 2006 that baze.djunkiii was teaming up with DJ Da Cut / Maya Princess to be part and partner of her label Rudel Records - a label meant to spread, share and realise a non-mainstream and non-streamlined vision of Drum'n'Bass- / Breakbeat- and HipHop-related streetwise music. Now, after nearly three years and only two releases it's time to announce that baze.djunkiii is splitting from the label again. Rudel Records will be run single-handedly by DJ Da Cut / Maya Princess in the future. No bad vibes are involved in the split and there's a good chance for shared projects or productions somewhen but living in different cities now and several other projects eating up quantums of time on each side of the partnership make it different to progress the way we meant to especially as our former main act C-Flow seems to have lost direction a while ago and there wasn't enough time left for us to deliver enough of our own productions for a regular output. The Rudel Records-website will still be used as platform for news on DJ Da Cut / Maya Princess doings which are plenty, so check out the page on a regular basis.


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