Thursday, August 27, 2009

La Roux - Bulletproof [Polydor]

Well, honestly I'm not the biggest fan of the l8est female Indie/Electro-hype named La Roux and couldn't do a thing with any of the lots of remix versions offered these days apart from the unauthorized but massive "In For The Pill" re-lick unleashed via Cut & Run a while ago. But her label Polydor / Universal seem to be highly convinced that they'll make a good stash of money and so they've been sending out a square picture 7" - sic! - as promo for her tune "Bulletproof" which is admittedly not the worst piece of Pop music ever released. Of course it's quite harmless and will appeal to Indie girls in their sweet 16s as well as to listeners of formatted radio and the usual hipsters and one might feel quite uncomfortable due to its sweetness when consumed on heavy rotation but as a tool to please your crowd one might play this piece out from time to time. Props in putting that much effort in that special format and artwork, though.


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