Monday, September 07, 2009

Bielefeld BigUps...

Just a few words on yesterdays "Doin Our Thing" fest @ Bielefeld's Kamp - great fun and a massive audience, that means 600+ ppl on location. Although my midnite opening set on the basement floor wasn't that much attended as I hoped coze Egotronics live set, regarded as the main show of the night by many, was delayed and started parallel to mine it was nice to play a lot of 1990-93 Rave and UK Hardcore classics out to kids swinging in and out of the room continously, most of them of the same age as the records played out. Despite some technical difficulties with the bass speakers, freezing cold air in the basement and quite shitty monitors I managed to go through like about 2.5 hours and had good responses on tracks by the likes of 2 Bad Mice and SL2 - surprising as most of them youths seemed to be unaware of electronic music from that era.

I'm sure lots of reviews will be written on this event in the near future so there's no more words on details and backstage gossip here but it was good to see a big part of the Audiolith family united in one place. Big up to all kru, associated posse and of coze all staff - the likes of Saskia, Ece ("Saufen!"), Norbert, Jessi (doing a great job as night leader, not only for providing a bottle of whisky for a non beer drinker ;) ), the street team girls (good to meet you in person) and all others I've met throughout the fest and the morning after.

BTW - here's another feature story about our Audiolith fest...


Blogger kemaicita said...

die freude war ganz auf unserer seite:-) herzlichst
maike (streetteam :-))

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