Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wolfgang Raspe - Underworld [Pharmacom Records 052]

As well to be released via Pharmacom Records in the near future is Wolfgang Raspe's new eight track album "Underworld" which explores several variations of Breakbeat-related music from Electro-influenzed Chemical Beatz to more chilled midtempo stuff; even some Jungle / Drum'n'Bass is involved here. Nearly all tracks are based on clean athmospheres, use some strange vocal samples and a few variations seem to be influenced by ethnic music or its artificial reproduction. Producers like Computerjockeys come to mind while listening to this one, or some late 90's releases on labels like City Of Angels or former Berlin-based imprint Timing Records although the latter mentioned was more focused on heavy Guitar-influenced BigBeat in its early days and only moved towards more Electro-based sounds or Proto-NuSkoolBreaks in its later history. Like the mentioned were Wolfgang Raspe's musical approach is defo unique and - to use this overabused term once again - leftfield enough to stick out.


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