Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Dance Inc. Split

Sadness and melancholia struck on my way home from todays Byte.FM Residency where the Hamburg-based band The Dance Inc. officially announced that they've split and this was their last ever show. Although they've neither experienced huge commercial success nor media attention they deserved that means: one of the best and most talented german - if not international - bands is history now. Fact. Sad fact indeed as I've always felt their music big time and for the first time ever I feel affected by a band announcing their split. Despite I knew about their forthcoming announcement a few days before tonight I haven't felt like that since I received an email from London announcing Kemistry's tragic death in a car accident in the late nineties and I feel blessed that I had the chance to play a few shows alongside The Dance Inc. this year.

Thx a lot for lines like this:

"I put my headphones on and think of something beautiful
like the last night I saw snow..."


Anonymous holger said...

shit... very sad.

11:50 AM  

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