Friday, September 25, 2009

Berkson & What - Ghosts [Poker Flat Recordings 107 Promo]

After a long lasting string of massive 12"es released via Poker Flat Recordings the labels 107 by Berkson & What, a double-A-side featuring the tracks "Ghosts" and "In Person" seems to be one acting on a quality level below excellent with average tendencies. Don't get me wrong as we're talking in terms of Poker Flat here which means that average is still beyond a level that other labels would name as good or even better but still those two tracks are a bit tool'ish and do not stick out that much as Poker Flat-released tracks usually do. Guess my favorite out of these two is "In Persona" as it comes with a warmer, housier feel compared to the colder, minimal functionalism of "Ghosts". Not a must have but still properly crafted.


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