Friday, October 16, 2009

Plutonium Pogo Rewound

Just a brief review on yesterdays Plutonium Pogo-event taking place at Hamburgs famous and long running Molotow Club, a night I was really looking forward to but also had a few mixed feelings about coze Mediengruppe Telekommander were playing at Hamburgs Übel & Gefährlich the same night and partly sharing the same target audience & fan base with our live guests Supershirt which were about to introduce their new album named "8000 Mark" forthcoming on Audiolith to their Hamburg fans with this show. But even before we opened the clubs doors trouble started with an incoming phone call of Herr Brandt of Sonnenbrandt-fame who was supposed to do the first DJ-set of the night, saying that he wouldn't make it as his homes attic burnt down throughout the late afternoon. Bad luck and so I headed home from soundcheck just to grab a bunch of classic Acid House-tunes to play out before Supershirt entered the stage. That sound seemed to be appreciated by kids younger than the records I played out and when Supershirt finally started their set the place was already busy and the audience ready to rock to a proper stage show accompanied by funny talks and confetti attacks. A good one for sure, seemingly everybody enjoyed the show but left quickly after live action so there wasn't much of an after show party although we regard that as a basic part of our Plutonium Pogo-concept. Next time, I guess.


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