Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shackleton - Three EPs [Perlon]

Shackleton is back. On Perlon - a german label that is well established on what's called the Minimal Techno scene. The master, creator and inventor of MythStep serves a full length album - or is it really a bundle of three E.P.'s as the title suggests? - that, although musically evolved, clearly captures the magic of MythStep and ancient voodoo feel transferred to a high tech world. So what's happening here? It's evident that the use of natural, tribal percussions is still a basic part of Shackleton's groundbreaking musical vision but compared to his former works these tribal elements have now moved from the forefront to the background, building a humming framework for layers and layers of feverish sounds and athmospheres combined with trademark vocals, sampled ethnic chants and abstract, technoid sounds. Those technoid abstractions seem to play a bigger role these days as they've ever done in Shackleton's music and although he's far from being Techno at all it becomes evident why his polyrhythmic excursions are well appreciated by those Techno heads being into the Non.Techno music served by the likes of Carl Craig, Ken Ishii or even Cari Lekebusch or the latest Moritz Von Oswald Trio. For lovers of: MythStep, polyrhythmics and quality electronics.


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you seem to have a very limited (if not to say prejudiced) notion of techno mate.

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