Friday, October 23, 2009

Stefanie Heinzmann - Roots To Grow [Universal]

Sitting in my P.O. box as 8-track, double-7" in a gatefold sleeve - sic! - these days was the promotional version of Stefanie Heinzmann's forthcoming album "Roots To Grow". Although her typical german name sounds a little un-artistic at first her music fits well into a niche carved out by the likes of Duffy, Amy Winehouse and related, is perfectly described by the term Vintage and will be appreciated by those who love the music of the mentioned artists. But still, true Soul connaisseurs will recognize quickly that Stefanie Heinzmann is not yet a fully grown Soul singer but a well-talented 18 year old girl which has gotta learn a lot - in detail: the use of vocals is a bit too technical and not that deep and from the heart as they should be. But as they say - time will tell and people grow so I'm curious what's gonna happen to her within a time span of five or ten years in the future.


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