Friday, October 02, 2009

Tetsuo Hybrid

Talla 2XLC's Tetsuo Records recently established a new sister imprint under the new name of Tetsuo Hybrid that has three releases under its belt so far.

Tetsuo Hybrid 100 is "Dante's Peak" by the master 2XLC himself, featuring a so-called Club Mix and a remix version by Jerome Isma-Ae. Whilst the first mentioned version balances on a thin line between glitzy TechHouse and what might be described as (Neo)Trance these days we see Mr. Isma-Ae acting on a higher tempo and energy level, serving a well-working peak time tool for all those out there spinning Progressive tunes.

Next in a row of three is Tetsuo 101 - Robert Burian's "Orion". This one is on a Trance tip for sure, with banging drums, epic string arrangements and a quite kitschy breakdown that'll be responsible for thousands of hands raised in the air in big room venues all over the place whilst Bert Classen's remix of this tune is on a more subtle and tool'ish level - pure dancefloor functionality. As bonus tune on B2 there's "Viper" to be found, another functional Progressive piece with a nice, glitzy breakdown and a massive build-up. Probably my favorite tune on this 12".

Finally there's Tetsuo 102, another piece by 2XLC released under the name of "Pulse" featuring two remixes by Ruben De Ronder and Manuel De La Mare plus another so-called Club Mix. All three version are about to satisfy the needs of all Trance-jocks out there and will probably do better in the UK just due to the simple fact that the scene over there is bigger and there's more huge venues with big rigs in which these tunes simply sound better than played out in smaller clubs. They need space so give 'em some.


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