Friday, January 01, 2010

Kasper Bjørke - Alcatraz *Remixes [HFN Music]

As a teaser for Kasper Bjørke's forthcoming album "Standing On Top Of Utopia" HFN Music is about to put an upfront remix 12" of his track "Alcatraz" on the circuit featuring Jimpster, Kenton Slash Demon and Zombie Disco Squad at the controls, transferring the tune into a new form. Jimpster manages to deliver an uplifting piece of positive House music with some additional drifty vocal samples appearing here and there, Kenton Slash Demon serves a calm, floating rework that is best played out at the very beginning of a night whilst Zombie Disco Squad walks the thin line between classic, stripped down and still uplifting House and puts the ethereal vocals to the very forefront. Not necessarily my cup of tea but still a 12" that will be played out by many.


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