Monday, March 01, 2010

Dead Western - Suckle At The Supple Teats Of Time [Discorporate Records]

Fresh and forthcoming via Discorporate Records is the second full-length album of Troy Mighty a.k.a. Dead Western, a ten track and 47:07 album that'll mostly appeal to an audience following the sound of so-called Dark Folk and even in this very left-field genre Dead Western manages to stick out as something very special. This mostly is due to his specific voice, a very dark, sometimes soughing one that even seems to be slowed down on purpose but isn't, topping a main musical foundation of picked, acoustic guitar partly accompanied by bass, violin, kazoo and a few other, mostly acoustic instruments. Best listened to in lonely, windy, autumnal nights with no-one to talk to but a bottle of red wine as company.


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