Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oliver Huntemann: PLAY! 03 - Live At Cielo, New York [Ideal]

Scheduled for release on may 26th via his very own Ideal-imprint is part three of Oliver Huntemann's "PLAY!" series which re-introduced the concept of the original live recorded DJ-set back to a scene in which re-edited or completely computer generated mixes are standard. This one is different. At first it's recorded live in what is regarded as one of the best clubs in NYC, the Cielo, and it has the raw energetic character only an original live performance on the decks can provide. Second you can really hear - at least at some points - how the crowd reacts to specific tunes which underlines the specific character of that specific night. Third - the selection stretched over two CD's contains loads of material to please lovers of electronic music indeed featuring tunes by Martin Landsky, AJDJ, Cari Lekebusch, Sycophant Slags, a collaboration between Oliver Huntemann annd Dubfire plus his solo tune "NYC (Keep On Playing)" that was specially produced for this compilation. Defo a proper one well worth its price, so if you're looking for another mix compilation to add to your collection this one might be regarded as good choice in 05/2010.


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