Monday, April 19, 2010

Steve Bug - Flight 111 [Poker Flat Recordings 111 Promo]

Poker Flat Recordings is about to reach 111 and it's the labels head figure Steve Bug himself to cover this special release with a double A-side 12" entitled "Flight 111". Two massive tracks are to be found on this one - "Metro Alpin", a thrilling, stripped down to the bone affair, ever evolving and pleasing the ones in love with classic haunting chord work that Mr. Bug already included at a very early stage of his work when still running is former and long gone Raw Elements imprint. On the flip there's the reasonably named "Outside Inn", a title referring to the fact that this tune is a reverse cut running from the inside out - a cutting technique that's rarely to be found these days. But it's not only this little trickery that makes this tune special - once again Steve Bug manages to create a hyper funky piece from a few, sparse elements only, a piece very able to work late night crowds right for now and ever, a future classic meant to be stuck in DJs cases for years. Essential.


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