Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phonique - Kissing Strangers [Dessous Recordings Promo]

On the circuit since june 07th is Phonique's latest album outing "Kissing Strangers", released by Steve Bug's very own Dessous Recordings and the third studio album for the man his parents and real life mates know better as Michael Vater. But although the first single seemed to announce a huge longplayer listening to "Kissing Strangers" is in fact disappointing as Phonique went Pop. Not talking about a credible artist selling out but what's to be found here is a melting pot of Pop, Lounge and House featuring not only a few tracks well fitting in so-called various artist lifestyle compilation CD's, TV adds or average beach club / terrace selections or whatever. If that's Phonique's musical vision in 2010 it's well fine for him but it's far from what I'd expected being released on Dessous Recordings and far from the musical qualities his club tracks provided in the past. Not my cup of tea at all.


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