Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Happy End - Echoes of Jericho [Festplatten]

What a surpise to see the long gone Festplatten-imprint back on track after more than two years of silence. And it's even a bigger surprise to see that label, which was known for its more leftfield view on Minimal Techno and related genres, coming up with an album that is to be filed under the flag of Psychedelic Shoegazing IndieNoise or whatever you wanna name it. It is what it is and it's basicly former members of bands like Beige GT, MioMyo, Seasidestars and Sexo Y Droga gathering under the alias of The Happy End for something new, a kinda artsy, feedback driven interpretation of Rock music that is well influenced by the dirty DIY-aesthetics of Grunge and drugged out vocal harmonics of all those late-60's/ early 70's bands the hippies deeply fell for. Autumnal music for part-time introverted people.


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