Sunday, July 18, 2010

Talla 2XLC vs Robert Burian - Pro Life [Addicted To Trance 003]

Tetsuo sister label Addicted To Trance have put out their third release recently which is a collaborational work between Talla 2XLC and Robert Burian named "Pro Life". The so-called "Club Mix" is to be found on the A-side, melting a bit of techy attitude and epic Trance with huge breakdowns, the "Tempo Giusto Remix" comes up with more drive, a bigger bassline, ravey attitude and focuses on uplifting melody and string arrangements whilst the final Akira Kayosa Remix speeds up a bit and serves a mixture of Melodic- and HardTrance with huge string arrangements and a commercial, well mid- to late-90s feeling that seems a bit dated in 2010. One for those still sticking to the age of massive street parades and live TV broadcasts of those events allover the world.


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