Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clicks And Cuts Five: Paradigm Shift [Mille Plateaux]

As announced on these pages before, Mille Plateaux is back on track and have relaunched their groundbreaking "Clicks And Cuts"-series which once set standards and coined a whole new genre definition with it's title. Good move and even a better one to choose "Paradigm Shift" as subtitle for their newest issue as there has been a recognizable shift in focus indeed. Instead of serving a compilation of academic glitches and conceptual compositions done by all those artists that have been invlvd in earlier issues the Mille Plateaux-staff decided to bring up a lot of new names like Ametsub, Kabutogani, Gultskra & Artikler, Iodsb and others that haven't been that exposed to the lovers of more experimental electronic music yet and allow them to explore a wider field of styles. Clicks, cut and glitches are to be found here alongside some Ambient / Deep Listening Music, more abstract pieces and classic Electronica - a well interesting mixture that makes this one one of the most important compilation pieces in 2010. Recommended.


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C&C 5.0 Quick listen:

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