Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love Parade Death Toll

It's been allover the news that yesterdays Love Parade ended up with 19 dead and 300+ wounded and injured after panic and hysteria in a tunnel that was meant to be the only - !!! - entrance to the closing party area, big enough for about 350.000 people. Having attended the Love Parade three times in its mid-90's heydays, having been actively involved in running a float at a Fuck Parade - for those who don't know, the Fuck Parade was an alternative parade stemming from the Berlin Hardcore / Gabba underground featuring all kinds of hard, dark or experimental electronic music and was taking place in Berlin at the same weekend as the Love Parade - about ten years ago plus having set up several parties in which way more people than the clubs capacity wanted to get in so the doors had to be closed while a few hundred people were waiting outside, with all that experience plus having seen the desastrous tunnel on TV, seen area plans and read the news throughout the last 24 hours all I can say that I truly think the ones who blame the promoter and his planning team for the catastrophe are absolutely right. They totally underestimated how a mass amount of ravers willing to party, no matter if drunk, drugged or sober, acts or reacts, and one of the planning team even said that no-one could reckon that people are stumbling or even falling down in the tunnel. No-one? I mean there are 1+ million people dancing, drinking and drugging on the street, in the sun, all day long, a lot of them exhausted and/or dehydrated, some overdosed or dead drunk and all of them want to get in to the final party. But the promoters think they're about to behave as thoughtful as retirees on a hiking holiday? Come back to reality and stand in for your mistakes...


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